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Accredited 7th May 2015

Dr Jean-Louis Sebagh
Acknowledged as one of the world’s premier cosmetic doctors, Dr Jean-Louis Sebagh is a master of the delicate art of cosmetic medicine, with a focus on the face and neck. Raised in France, Dr Sebagh began his career over 30 years ago after graduating from the University of Paris in 1979, where he earned his Medical Doctorate and became a qualified Cosmetic Facial Surgeon. From 1985 to 1988, he honed his skills with a pre-eminent plastic surgeon in Los Angeles, refining his style in modern beauty, before returning to practice in Paris. In 1994, Dr Sebagh opened his practice in London and pioneered the use of Botox, hyaluronic acid fillers and vitamin injections. Combining these techniques, Dr Sebagh coined the phrase “age-maintenance” to describe his revolutionary work to preserve existing youth and vibrancy and word soon spread about the doctor who could physically change skin by making it look younger without surgery. Renowned for his precise, subtle technique and notable yet natural looking results, Dr Sebagh not only makes his patients look younger, he makes them look better.

Dr Diana Piana-Mariton
Widely acknowledged as one of the most experienced specialist cosmetic doctors in her chosen field, Dr Diana Piana-Mariton has established a reputation as the doctor to consult when seeking age-maintenance treatments that require the latest advances in the use of Fraxel, Ultrasound, Radio Frequency and IPL. Doctor of Medicine and Surgery, qualified at the University of Paris and Flower Fifth Avenue and New York University Medical Center 1977, Dr Piana-Mariton has been specialising in Cosmetic Dermatology since 1999 and has been a Certified Laser Specialist since 2002. She has practiced in London since 2004. Dr Piana-Mariton works closely with Dr Sebagh and other members of his clinic to treat patients with state-of-the-art and effective non-invasive treatments for skin rejuvenation and enhancement. Her approach is based on obtaining “glowing, radiant skin” by techniques that stimulate the natural “healing” capacity of your skin to generate new collagen, elasticity and firmness. As well having great knowledge and expertise, Dr Piana-Mariton also has a reassuringly professional yet warm manner that allows patients to feel relaxed and at ease when with her.

Dr Anne Mendelovici
Since joining Dr Sebagh’s Clinic in London in 2006, Dr Anne Mendelovici has established herself as a key member of the team, creating a niche for herself as an aesthetic doctor of great skill and with a natural eye for carrying out anti-ageing treatments that produce a natural and beautiful result. Now specialising in the use of Botox, fillers, Meso Glow and Silhouette Soft, French born Dr Mendelovici qualified at the Medical University Hospital Lariboisière Saint Louis, Paris in 2003 and now works closely with Dr Sebagh, honing her skills and expanding her realm of expertise. Today, Dr Mendelovici has an extensive roster of regular patients who are drawn to her skills as an aesthetic doctor, as well as her considered and gentle manner. It is testament to her skills that she counts many of London’s leading beauty editors as regular patients, who know that seeing her or Dr Sebagh will ensure that they will benefit from the expert eye of a leader in her field.

Dr Anna Marie Olsen
Though Dr Anna Marie Olsen may be the latest doctor to join Dr Sebagh and his colleagues at the London Clinic, she does so having acquired extensive qualifications and experience at both the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece and Queen Mary University London. A Doctor in Clinical Dermatology, Dr Olsen has studied and gained extensive experience and knowledge in the treatment of male and female pattern baldness and the use of the latest technology to treat patients with successful hair transplant operations. Though softly spoken and modest in her approach, Dr Olsen is passionate about her specialist field of expertise and has quickly established herself as a key member of Dr Sebagh’s team, producing results which have far exceeded her patients’ expectations. In addition to the treatment of male and female pattern baldness, Dr Olsen is also able to utilise her skills to successfully transplant individual hair follicles to the eyebrows and even eyelashes, if required.

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